My name is Simon and I'm a logo-holic.

I like designing them. It's one of the best parts of being a graphic designer. It's possibly what first attracted me when I was a 15 year-old school boy.

But "I need a new logo" is possibly the loosest thing any client ever tells me.

Why? What's wrong with the one you have? What's made you think you need a new logo?

(Wait. Why am I even thinking this? They're offering to pay me for this work! Just say "Ok" dummy! But my job is also to advise and if it's for the wrong reasons, I'll say so.)

Here are some possible reasons clients say they want a new logo:

1. Boredom. Seeing your own logo every day gets old very quickly. You see other identities springing up all around and think 'I'd like one like that' even though yours is just fine. Reason rating 3/10

2. They've gone off it. Well, perhaps it's still working for your business and it's familiar to your customers. Unless, of course, it's really rubbish. Reason rating 4/10

3. It's really rubbish. Then it was probably no good to start with and if it doesn't fit with your company's profile anymore, then yes, time for a change. Reason rating 10/10

4. Business change. Merger, buy-out, start-up, internal politics... there are many reasons other than taste to change. Approach with caution. Reason rating TBC...

During a re-branding once, a security system client said to me "You know, we won't sell any more systems just because we have a different logo". Ouch. I believe ultimately he's wrong, but it's not easily proved. But then why do large companies spend so much money on their corporate brand?

Company logos are called trade marks for a reason. It's your mark in your trade and it's familiar to your customers.

When it comes to corporate identities, there's no contempt in familiarity, only trust.

Your logo should be treated with respect, cared for and protected from becoming corrupted. Clients always receive a 'pack' of logo files from me once a new logo is approved, that they can use, along with instructions for usage and care.

I love designing logos. It's my job. But if it ain't broke... think carefully.